Tree Equity Score Analyzer

American Forests has developed the Tree Equity Score Analyzer (TESA) for cities and states that want to dive deep into decision-making around Tree Equity Scores.

Using the platform you can discover how targeted tree plantings can improve health and well-being in neighborhoods and communities.

How it works

Use our interactive tools and data to explore your location.
Find out where to plant trees to create the biggest impact.
Create, save and share your tree planting scenario.
Use your findings to implement change in your community.

Current TESAs

Explore Rhode Island, our pilot partner.
TESA Richmond VA
Coming soon!
TESA for your city!
Want to work with American Forests to calculate the Tree Equity Scores for your neighborhood? Want to create a TESA for your city or state? Reach out to our team today to find out how we can work together!
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National Tree Equity Score

A map of tree cover in any city in the United States is too often a map of race and income. This is unacceptable. Trees are critical infrastructure that every person in every neighborhood deserves. Trees can help address damaging environmental inequities like air pollution.
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