Tree Equity Score Analyzer - Rhode Island

Help achieve tree equity in Rhode Island.

Discover how targeted tree plantings can improve health and well-being in neighborhoods and communities.

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How it works

Use our interactive tools and data to explore your location.
Find out where to plant trees to create the biggest impact.
Create, save and share your tree planting scenario.
Use your findings to implement change in your community.


  • Explore every inch of Rhode Island, across municipalities, city parcels, and more.
  • Dive deep with environmental, climate, demographic, and health data.
  • Build, save, and share custom tree planting scenarios.
  • Select neighborhoods or parcels and draw your own custom site boundaries.

Why trees?

Trees cool our air and clean our drinking water.

Trees offer beauty and improve our moods.

Trees create jobs and provide opportunities for recreation.

Trees help communities THRIVE.

Many Rhode Islanders lack access to trees. Together, we can change that.

The majority of low-income families and communities of color live in places surrounded by heat-trapping pavement and few trees. Excess heat and a lack of greenery can exacerbate existing chronic health conditions such as asthma and cardiovascular diseases. Having more greenery can lift moods and encourage more time spent outdoors. Without adequate tree cover, people are more exposed to air pollution and susceptible to flooding during downpours.


Childhood asthma burdens 11% of Rhode Island’s low-income communities.


The State’s temperature may increase 1.6°F by 2022, resulting in 378 more emergency department visits.


Rhode Island’s forests offset the annual carbon emissions of more than 100,000 passenger vehicles each year.


Intense rainfall events have increased 71% in Rhode Island since 1958.

Together, we can improve the health of all Rhode Islanders by expanding tree cover for all communities.

Explore your area’s Tree Equity Score. And discover ways to improve it.

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Supporting Partners

This work is supported by a partnership between the state of Rhode Island, American Forests, and both the Environment and Child Well-being programs of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF).

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